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Specialists in Live Event Photography

Spotlight Photographic is a specialist in Live Event Photography and Videography. Unlike Studio or Wedding photography, moments can't be staged or re-done, so it has to be the right shot at the right time, every time.


Specialists in Equestrian Photography

Equestrian events have their own unique and unpredictable nature. Our experience and knowledge allows us to obtain exception images in challenging situations, indoor or outdoor.


Spotlight Photographic are a Husband and Wife team based in East Anglia. A love of photography has merged with a passion for technical excellence and attention to detail resulting in high quality products for our clients, both private and commercial.

Rather than running a traditional studio, Spotlight Photographic instead focuses on private (Weddings, Parties etc.), event (Theatre, Music, Sports, Equestrian) and commercial (product videos, interviews) work.

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