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Rocking out at Toppesfield

Providing the light show for the acts performing at the All Star Music Night Fundraiser Event at The Green Man in Toppesfield, should have been a relatively simple affair - all we needed was the set lists, timings, and copies of the tracks so we could work out and automate the lighting sequences. We could then turn up the night before the event, set up, test, and do final tweaking and relax ready for the next day.

Oh how wrong we were! Two days before the show a tremendous storm broke and in true "Wizard of Oz" style transported the marquee down the fields in bits. It was only due to the fantastic effort of two Strangers Know More band members that the Marquee rose like a phoenix from the ashes with the application of mountains of duct tape and cannibalised parts from other tents.

The elements continued to batter the Marquee so much so that only hours before the gig we were still climbing ladders, stringing cables and adjusting the lighting setup to fit in the new space. As we were unable to do a run through it was going to be case of adjustment on the fly - or as we like to call it "an interactive, dynamic event " LOL!

The show turned out spectacularly well, as a fundraiser and and as a musical event, though the pressure of providing the spectacular lighting & effects certainly was a challenge, particularly the "Chase The Lightening" scene.

Congratulations to all involved :-

  • Strangers Know More

  • Komb Ofer

  • Reptile Dysfunction

  • Molly-May

  • Sound Tech - Chris Minter

  • The Green Man Toppesfield




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